One bite appetizers

Canape with brie cheese, grapes and strawberry
Canape with mozzarella cheese and green pesto saule
Eclairs with cheese cream and nuts
Eclairs with Philadelphia cheese, sesame seeds and strawberry
Goat cheese balls with fried almond shavings
Blue cheese spread flavored with capers on a wholemeal rye bread
Camembert cheese truffles with roasted almonds/ caramelized onions
Feta cheese with tapenade sauce on puff-pastry
Tortilla rolls with roasted pepper, goat cheese and mints
Tortilla rolls with asparagus
Roasted bread with sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cherese
Fillo dough sticks with feta cheese, mints and pine nuts
Pickled pepper with pecorino cherese
Polenta with blue cheese and basius
Biscuit roll with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh basius
Artichokes in puff-pastry with mascarpone cheese and caramelized garlics
Cheese profiteroles with ricotta and Parmesan cheese, fresh onions
Salty profiteroles with curcuma and strawberry
Eggplant rolls in walnuts shell in lavash
Eggplant rolls with walnuts
Appetizer on a puff-pastry with roasted eggplants and feta cherese
Appetizer with fried eggplants and feta cheese (on baguette)
Boletus appetizer with truffle pasta on a baguette
Champignons appetizer on a crumbly toast
Boletus caps in kataifi dough with pesto sauce
Zucchini rolls with sun-dried tomatoes and olive
Dates stuffed with pine nuts
Basil pancakes with four cheeses stuffing
Saffron / curcuma pancakes with cod liver, anchovies and capers
Pancakes with sun-dried tomatoes and roasted hazelnuts
Little roasts with boletus
Little roasts with champignons
Puff-pastry roasts with oriental vegetables
Eskalibada (vegetable appetizer) with anchovies on a puff-pastry
Eskalibada (vegetable appetizer) on a puff-pastry
Salmon rolls with ricotta cheese and roasted hazelnuts on black bread
Canape with smoked salmon rose and lemon
Eclair with salmon mousse and ricotta cherese
Little eclairs with natural chopped shrimp
Sandwiches with salad, shrimp and egg
Sesame bun with fresh tuna, ginger and wasabi mayonnaise
Pagnasius and salmon mosaic turret in nori leaves roll
Swedish smoked salmon on homemade bread with chopped apples and onions
Perch and salmon mosaic turret in nori leaves roll with wasabi pašte
Herring rollmops with ceps on a wholemeal rye bread
Smoked butterfish roll with mango fruits
Canape with smoked butterfish and moldy cherese
Sea scallops with panko croutons and wasabi mayonnaise
Canape with perch mousse and spinach
Roasted carp sticks with sesame seeds
Canape with carp meatball and shrimp in nori leaves roll
Spinach pancakes with salmon and red caviar
Red caviar with quail egg on a crumbly toast
Shrimp appetizer with celery and mustard grains in nori leaves roll
Shortbread funnels with crab salad
Sandwiches with smoked halibut, caramelized plums and gorgonzola cherese
Canape with sea scallops and Serrano ham
Grissini sticks with Serrano ham
Canape with pork fillet and small tomatoe
Glazed ham roll on wholemeal rye bread
Mini-bars with ham and pickle
Ham with cucumber and mustard flavoring in lavash
Tortilla roll with vegetables and ham
Pork with Sichuan peppers and cucumbers
Biscuit roll with ham and mustard saule
Dried ham appetizer with pickle
Parma ham with melon
Serrano ham with celery and mustard flavoring in lavash
Veal medallions with broccoli mousse
Veal carpaccio with anchovy sauce, rucola salad on rye bread
Roast beef on a corn cake with green mint saule
Roast beef on a rye bread with Gorgonzola cheese and asparagus
Roast beef on a rye bread  with quail egg
Tartarian beef appetizer with capers/pickle on a black bread toast
Beef with Sichuan pepper and cucumber
Canape with beef fillet and pecorino cherese
Canape with Serrano ham and goat cherese
Fillo dough roasts with lamb and olives
Poultry liver pate with brandy on a crumbly biscuit
Chicken bits pickled in wine with pineapple
Canape with chicken turret and a paradise Apple
Canape with chicken fillet and walnuts
Canape with chicken fillet and hazelnut
Smoked chicken roll with raisins and curry sauce in lavash
Smoked turkey with vegetables in lavash
Canape with turkey and fruits
Eclairs with smoked turkey mousse, caramelized pear and sesame seeds
Tortilla rolls with asparagus and duck berast
Duck breast in lavash with plum saule