One bite appetizers in cups

Watermelon salad with feta cherese
Homemade curd cheese balls flavored with sun-dried tomatoes/dill (in a banquet spoon)
Feta cheese with tapenade sauce and asparagus
Tomato soup in small glasses
Caesar salad with crispy bacon and fried cips
Thai salad with melon, nuts and ginger saule
Mediterranean salad with balsamic vinegar sauce (zucchini, olives, grilled eggplants, thymes)
 Seafood cocktail with Moroccan herb saule
Goat cheese in crispy kataifi dough with orange jam
Eskalibada (vegetable appetizer) with anchovies
Smoked trout salad with fresh fries and horseradish
Pickled salmon appetizer with avocado and ricotta cheese in small glasses
Salmon appetizer with curd cheese cream and roasted hazelnuts
Smoked salmon appetizer with cucumber jelly (in a banquet spoon)
 Smoked salmon with cucumber jelly, fennel and rucola salad
Flatfish in spinach leaves in kataifi dough with pesto sauce
Sea scallops in ginger Teriyaki sauce
Sea scallops with rucola salad and red caviar
Pickled Tartarian salmon appetizer with ricotta cheese, avocado cream and capers
Small octopuses appetizer with fries and cibuleti saule
Pickled salmon with lemon anchovy saule
Tuna appetizer with fresh fries and ginger sauce, served with a sesame bun
Tuna appetizer with pickled ginger and pineapple chutney
Tuna appetizer with apples, cucumbers and black sesame seeds
Smoked butterfish bits with tomato and basil toasts (in a banquet spoon)
Smoked butterfish bites with balsamic fries
King prawns stuffed with herbs with Romanesco sauce (in small cups or on sticks)
 Artichokes with Serrano ham in kataifi dough
Chicken bits in oyster sauce in a banquet spoon
Chicken breast turrets with ricotta cheese, pine nuts, spinach and mango cream
Dried ham appetizer with pears and rucola salad
Serrano ham wrapped in asparagus with walnut saule
Veal medallions with capers and rucola salad
Beef carpaccio appetizer with Nice salad
Venison salad with black bread jelly and lingonberry
Duck liver pate truffles with chocolate and melon jam
Savory liver pate with boletus and puff-pastry sticks coated with crispy balon
Pate with chocolate and melon jam