Sandwiches and Roasts

Yeast dough roast with cabbage
Puff-pastry roast with oriental vegetables
Puff-pastry horn stuffed with vegetable salad
Roasted baguette with almond cheese cream and walnuts
Sandwich with cheese and fruits
Sandwich with cheese and grupes
Roasted baguette with shrimp cream
Mini sandwich with perch mousse in nori leaves roll
Sandwich with carp roll and tomato
Herring with mushrooms on a wholemeal rye bread
Sandwich with smoked salmon and lemon
Salmon roll with ricotta cheese on a black bread toast
Mini hamburger with fresh tuna, ginger and wasabi mayonnaise
Puff-pastry roast with vegetables and ham
Puff-pastry roast with ham
Bread with ham and pickle
Bread with spicy lamb filling
Mini sandwich with roasted pork ham and vegetables
Sandwich with ham and vegetables
Mini hamburger with beef, cucumber, and mustard flavor
Sandwich with roast beef and quail egg
Sandwich with chicken fillet and walnuts
Sandwich with turkey and fruits
Bread with turkey fillet, mustard and honey flavoring
“Great” sandwich