Warm one-bite appetizers

Fried artichokes, eggplants and balsamic onions on skewers
Pasta with cherry tomatoes and lemon fennel saule
Mini pizza with artichokes and quail eggs
Cold gazpacho soup with flatfish in kataifi dough
Sea scallops with tamarind paste and coconut milk
Sea scallops in Teriyaki sauce
Sea scallops coated with roasted Serrano ham
Herbs stuffed with king prawns with Romesko saule
King prawns in fillo dough with sweet chili saule
King prawns coated with balon
Plums soaked in white wine with crisp bacon krust
Black plums and bacon on skewers
Fried banana with balon
Champignon caps stuffed with salami
Yeasty pancakes with red caviar
Yeasty pancakes with salmon
Pagnasius fillet bits with courgette and balon
Piece of flatfish wrapped in spinach leaves, fried kataifi dough with  green pesto saule
Pangasius with courgettes and artichokes
Eelpout with ginger and lemongrass
Salmon bits with lemon
Warm scallops with Serrano ham
Salmon bits with sun-dried tomato pesto
Bits of pork with caramelized fries and apple-lingonberry saule
Pork fillet bits with boletus
Pork skewers with pineapple and sweet and sour saule
Pork bits with almond puree and cherries
Brazilian pork stew with black beans (in mini cups)
Irish stew with lamb and fries (in ceramic cups)
Beef fillet bits with Serrano ham and cherry saule
Beef fillet bits with boletus
Venison stew with parsnips and boletus (in a mini glass)
Veal liver stew with sage (in mini glasses)
Chicken roll with Serrano ham and pumpkin puree (in a mini glass)
Chicken bits in peanut saule
Chicken bits with pineapple
Chicken Teriyaki with green onion on skewers
Chicken timbale with mushrooms in crumbly baskets (Julien)
Turkey bits with oyster saule
Duck breast bits with caramelized pineapples and plum saule
Duck liver creme brulee in ceramic spoons
Tortilla with smoked duck breast and guacamole saule