Cold fish dishes

Stuffed clams in scallops
Eskalibada (vegetable appetizer) with anchovies on the puff-pastry
Eskalibada (vegetable appetizer) turrets with pickled fries
Herbs stuffed with king prawns with romesko saule
Herring with fried pumpkin seeds
Herring with champignons
Herring rollmops with boletus
Herring with boletus
Herring in sweet and sour saule
Herring with pickled onions
Herring with fried carrots
Herring with tomatoes and mushroom flavoring
Herrings dressed/vegetable layered
Tuna appetizer with pineapple chutney and sweet chili sauce
Tuna appetizer with apples, cucumber and black sesame seeds
Tuna bits with ginger and wasabi mayonnaise
Squid rings wrapped in fried bacon with aioli saule
Squid rings in dough
Squid rings with cibuleti sauce
Naturally fried squid rings with aioli sauce
Fried tilapia bits in herbs and lime marinade
Flatfish in spinach leaves with green pesto saule
Pangasius and salmon mosaic turrets in nori leaves
Pangasius in white wine jelly
Pikeperch bits in white wine and soy saule
Smoked salmon with balsamic fries
Pangasius bits in white wine and soy saule
Burbot with beetroot jelly
Sea bass bits with beetroot jelly
Sea bass stuffed with tiger shrimp and asparagus with a vegetable tartare and passion fruit saule
Sea scallops and halibut tartare with lemongrass saule
Smoked salmon with cucumber jelly, fennel and rucola salad
Fried fish sticks in dough
Grilled butterfish with crispy sesame krust
Butterfish bits with red and black caviar
Butterfish with balsamic fries
Baked cod in tempura with lemon mayonnaise saule
Fried carp bits with fried onions and sesame seeds
Carp stuffed meatballs with spicy saule
Stuffed carp bits with spinach rolled in nori leaves with a prawn
Stuffed carp bits in with horseradish saule
Fried carp bits with horseradish saule
Carp stuffed with horseradish and orange saule
Sea pike in tartarian saule
Salted salmon envelope with avocado and celery stalks
Salmon pickledĀ  in Vodka with honey and lemon dressing
Salted salmon with lemon and green butter
Salted salmon with potato salad and balsamic onions
Salmon roll stuffed with ricotta cheese and roasted hazelnuts
Salmon tartare with lime fruits
Half of trout stuffed with vegetables in leek leaves with caper saule
Swedish pickled steamed grilled salmon fillet with anchovy saule
Salted salmon with blue onions, sweet potatoes and caper saule
Salmon roll with pickled vegetables
Sea trout stuffed with caper saule
Pikeperch mousse in nori leaves
Salmon and pikeperch in spinach
Smoked eel with tomato jelly and leeks
Stuffed pike with green saule