We have invaluable experience in organizing large-scale receptions. The biggest event entrusted to us – the company’s “Omnitel” evening for almost few thousand people. With the same love and responsibility we will arrange a celebration for a few or a dozen people.

Tablecloths of various colors and fabric, dishes, flatware, candlesticks, floral compositions – we take care of not only food, but the whole environment of the celebration. 


We will not only take care of exceptional food, but also tables, chairs, dishes, various other accessories to the celebration, table decorations, place cards, flowers. We have also reached the record in the field of banquet organizing – we held an exclusive dinner at the tables for almost nine hundred guests.


The day uniting two hearts, two families is always special. We will try not only to make it beautiful but also the tastiest celebration in your life. Our pastry chefs will create a striking wedding cake…

Not sure where to organize a wedding reception? We will offer great halls, mansions, homesteads – all you will need to do is to choose. We will not only set the tables, but the whole setting of the wedding reception.


We will advise where and how to organize a celebration for a baby, we will take care of the delicious and playful-looking dishes for the table of children. Our pastry chefs prepare cakes and desserts of exceptional taste, whereas treats for children’s christening are true masterpieces. Edible car, butterfly or ladybird – you can fantasize to infinity…


No matter where they are held – in the nature, at home, sauna, on the bank of a lake – you will not have to worry about food. We will serve guests, bake delicious steaks on the spot, make sure that glasses are always filled with a great wine.  

Public holidays

You can always order delicious dishes for Christmas Eve, Christmas, Easter table or New Year. We will not only prepare, but also deliver to the location. Hot meals will be served in self-heating catering containers, so you will not have to worry about how to heat them up.

Business Dinner

We will deliciously feed working people. You won‘t need to spend time looking where to have dinner with a colleague or business partner – we will serve delicious food where you work.

One bite appetizers for all occasions

One bite appetizers to go with beer and wine. Pint-sized, delicious, various tastes… Unrivalled appetizer manufacturers and eaters are Spanish – their tapas became known and well-liked around the world. French adore their canape. We offer various one bite appetizers. They are easy to take outdoor, when paying a visit, or to treat your friends.