Hot small appetizers baked on a grill

Grilled vegetables on a skewer
Fried potatoes with garlic, thyme and saule
Fresh cod stuffed with fennel
Perch fillet with zucchini
Smoke flavored cod baked in foil on a grill
Butterfish in grape leaves in oyster saule
Salmon bits in lime marinade
King prawns with sweet chili and romanesko saule
King prawns coated with bacon
Sea scallops coated with roasted Serrano ham
Lime, lemon and in chilli pepper pickled chicken thighs
Chicken or turkey hearts cooked on a grill  (Grill Brazil)
Chicken with pineapple and sweet and sour saule
Chicken skewer pickled in lime juice and sweet chili
Small homemade sausages with spicy red pepper saule
Pork bits with boletus on a skewer
Little pork roasts with bacon in wine and pine nut saule
Lamb liulia-kebab with honey and mustard saule
Beef medallions with cherry saule