Hot fish dishes

Fried pikeperch with peanuts in cream saule
Pikeperch roast with lemon shrimp saule
Pikeperch with basil iced with mozzarella cherese
Salmon with pikeperch mousse in lemon caper saule
Salmon with pikeperch mousse, roasted fennel and basil in cream sauce
Tilapia fillet in saffron sauce
Tilapia fillet with olives, sun-dried tomatoes
Fresh cod fillet with seafood, fennel and celery stalks in sage saule
Icelandic cod with fries, spinach, chanterelle and aioli sauce
Stuffed carp meatballs served with mashed potatoes and hot beetroots
Pangasius fillet in crawfish saule
Pangasius fillet in saffron saule
Pangasius fillet in lemon sauce with capers
Pangasius fillet in seafood saule
Pangasius with fennel and olives
Pangasius fillet in crayfish sauce, fennel, leeks and helery
Pangasius with boletus in truffle sauce
Butterfish in saffron sauce
Butterfish with zucchini and lemon
Butterfish with fennel and celery stalks in sage sauce
Baked halibut with spinach in caper saule
Tuna fillet with caramelized apples, roasted fennel and lime saule