Hot poultry dishes

Chicken bits in tarragon (or ginger) sauce
Chicken stew with vegetables in cream saule
Chicken breast stuffed with vegetables (or champignons)
Chicken steak with zucchini and green beans in cream sauce
Chicken breast with pineapples
Chicken bits in sweet and sour sauce
Chicken stuffed with parmesan cheese and king prawn
Chicken fillet stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese and basil
Chicken breast with grapes in sparking wine sauce. Served with small fries/french potatoe puff-pastry and Ratatouille vegetables
Turkey burgers with shitaki mushrooms, steamed carrots and celery
Turkey rolls with spinach
Turkey breast stuffed with ricotta cheese and dried ham
Turkey meatballs with celery and apricots. Served with mashed potatoes, warm beetroot
Turkey roll with apricots and duck livers. Served with apple and mustard gratin
Duck breast with polenta and fresh pineapples in rum saule
Duck breast with corn cake and foie gras mousse
Duck roast with orange sauce and caramelized pears