Hot grilled dishes

Grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, champignons)
Butterfish with zucchini and lemon / in lime and mint marinade
Salmon fillet with fennel and herbs (in foil)
Sea bass with potato risotto and fennel
Smoke flavored cod grilled in foil
Tuna with bacon in Teriyaki saule
Chicken steaks pickled in sweet chili peppers and garlic
Chicken breast steak pickled in sweet chili, oyster and ginger saule
Tobacco chicken with garlic, chili peppers, pickled in lime juice
Chicken breast steak pickled with honey and Singer
Chicken kebab pickled in honey and Singer
Sausages with braised cabbage and fries
Lamb liulia-kebab
Pickled pork fillet steak with red pepper saule
Pork tenderloin steak pickled in white wine and honey
Pork tenderloin steak with red pepper saule
Pork fillet with boletus and pine nut saule
Pickled pork fillet medallions wrapped in roasted baconĀ  (with black currant sauce)
Beef fillet with cherry sauce (or rhubarb, apricots and pine nuts)
Hot meals can be served with: steamed rice, couscous, small fries flavored with thyme, grilled vegetables
Specially pickled ham in wine with braised cabbage black plums or apples (served with specially made fries, seasoned with thyme and garlic, hot and fresh vegetables)
Potato pancakes (made on the spot)
Potato pancakes with flank (made on the spo)
Served with sour cream, cottage cheese saule