Meat dishes

Pork fillet with rosemary in red wine sauce
Pork medallions wrapped in flank with black currant sauce (or orange sauce)
Pork bits with vegetables and mushrooms
Pork fillet with pine nuts and boletus
Pork fillet with chanterelle sauce
Pork bits in Burgundy sauce (stew)
Pork fillet with cherry sauce
Pork rolls stuffed with bacon (or champignons)
Festive pork tenderloin roast stuffed with cheese and pepper in leeks and white wine sauce
Pork fillet in red wine sauce with green peppers, caramelized beetroot and fries flavored with majoram Pork fillet in wine sauce with caramel potatoes and pickled beetroot
Pork fillet with boletus and pine nut sauce. Served with small fries flavored with thyme, cherry tomatoes, asparagus and caramelized celery
Baked pork ham with aromatic honey and mustard sauce
Beef fillet with thyme sauce
Beef steaks with forest mushrooms and red wine sauce
Beef in rosemary sauce
Stewed beef bits with forest mushrooms
Beef stew with red beans, shitaki mushrooms and balsamic onions
Beef fillet with boletus and pine nuts
Beef medallions coated with roasted bacon with forest mushrooms and juniper berries
Beef fillet with cherry sauce, fried eggplants and potatoe puff-pastry
Beef steak with spinach puree, caramelized apples, boletus stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and potatoes gratin
Marble beef cut in cherry sauce with fried eggplants, balsamic onions, tomatoes, apricots, basil, potatoe puff-pastry
Beef fillet (Limousin breed) with boletus, pine nuts and truffle sauce
Swedish beef meatballs with lingonberries and pickes pickled in lemon juice with potato puree and warm broccoli
Veal tenderloin with red wine sauce with roasted artichokes, boletus and truffle paste
Veal medallions with truffle sauce, caramelized apples and parsnip potato casserole
Veal loin steak with a creamy truffle sauce. Served with fries wrapped in roasted bacon, pumpkin, boletus and sun-dried tomatoes
Veal meatballs with basils in tomato sauce
Lamb roasts with fresh eggplants in fresh tomato sauce
Venison stew with forest mushrooms and pine nuts

Served with steamed rice, steamed wild rice, fries flavored with thyme, fries wrapped in roasted bacon, mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes with parsnip, mashed potatoes flavored with Parmesan cheese and hot vegetables