Caramel truffel
White chocolate truffles with coconut and roasted nuts
Chocolate truffles with vodka and cherry filling
Dark chocolate truffles flavored with Jodka
Dark chocolate truffles with oranges
Caramel truffles with pistachio cream
Caramel truffles with cinnamon and brandy
Truffles with pistachio flavor
Cinnamon flavored dark chocolate truffles
Chocolate truffles with gold dust
Plum coffee jelly on dark chocolate chip
Coffee bags with fresh raspberries
Tartaleta with fresh berries and fruits
Eclairs with light cream
Eclairs with chocolate
Eclairs parboiled with cream and caramel
Eclairs with blackcurrant mousse
Meringue cake with fresh fruits
Marzipan cakes with chocolate
Hazelnuts with honey sauce in baskets
Wallnuts in kataifi dough
Curd cakes with cranberries
Curd cakes with lingonberries
Curd cakes with marzipans
Chocolate cakes with chopped cherries
Chocolate biscuit with forest berry sauce and fresh mints
Meringue cakes with mango puree
Caramel cakes with poppy biscuit
Caramel cakes with poppy biscuit and fresh berries
Caramel cakes with roasted peanuts
Honey cakes with lime fruits
Honey cakes with hazelnuts
Yoghurt cakes with fresh berries
Curd cake with marzipans
Cheesecake with apples
Yoghurt cake with cherries
Light apple pie with cream
Fresh cake with strawberries
Chocolate puff-pastry cakes with vanilla cream or apricots
Chocolate cakes with Guinness beer and fresh curd cream
White chocolate cake with a champagne cream
Cakes with mascarpone and blackberries
Biscuit with mascarpone cheese and berries
Cakes with panna cotta
Panna cotta with caramelized fruits
Panna cotta with caramelized fruits and raspberry sorbet
Biscuit roll with lemon curd cream
Chocolate biscuit rolls “Goya” with nut cream
Caramel dessert with roasted peanuts (in a mini glass)
Curd dessert with fruits (in a cup)
Puff-pastry scarves with cherries
Puff-pastry scarves with apples
Puff-pastry scarves with almond cream
Croissants with apples, chocolate, almonds
Lemon cake with dried fruits
Assorted biscuits (royal, steamed, almond)
Biscuit assortment
Royal biscuits with chocolate and candied
Fruit assortment
Grape skewers in dark chocolate
Pear skewers in chocolate
Crispy spoons with almond cream
Apricots with ricotta cheese and pistachios
Marzipan cake with peaches and chocolate
Plum coffee jelly with brandy (in a cup)
Pancakes with curd, rum and raisins (warm)
Fruit dessert with brandy sauce and fresh mint leaves
Fruits caramelized in honey (grapes, pineapples, mangoes, strawberries) with anise and orange peel Tiramisu with fresh forest berries
Mango cream with raspberry sauce (in mini glasses)
Mango cream with raspberry brandy sauce (in martini glasses)
Mango cream with fresh raspberries and caramelized fruits
Catalan cream with caramelized fruits (in mini glasses)
Catalan cream with caramelized fruits (in martini glasses)
Mango cream with fresh strawberries and white chocolate ice cream
Green lemon cream with caramelized fruits and ice cream
Creme brule with fresh berries, caramelized fruits and chocolate cake
Raspberry mousse with lemon biscuit, white ice cream and caramel
Honey cake with buckthorn jelly and mead sauce
Plum jelly with orange nut cake and white chocolate ice cream
Raspberry sorbet
Lemon sorbet