“Taurakalnis“ – food manufacturing company, which employs one hundred and fifty highly qualified professionals. For more than two decades we are organizing banquets, receptions, and various celebrations. Great Britain’s heir to the throne Prince Charles of Wales, visits of Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands, Lithuanian and foreign heads of states, politics, business, science and cultural meetings of elite – we are trusted with high-end events. We are proud of representing the best of our country’s culinary traditions.  

   Food preparation is an art, the permanent creation. Therefore, to say: that’s it, we have reached our highest level – would be wrong. Because perfection, no matter how hard you would strive to get closer to it, has no limits. We are constantly learning, inviting the best foreign cuisine chefs, who are helping us to reveal Swedish, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and other countries culinary secrets.

   We are experts on traditional Lithuanian cuisine, and Food Fusion cuisine representatives, promoting the merger of different culinary traditions. Food connoisseurs often call us haute cuisine (high level) professionals. And it is the best compliment. We strive to make the word “Taurakalnis” to always identify with a phrase – a unique celebration.