”First of all, eyes are surprised – they enjoy the elegant and refined luxury of the table. Nose smells gentle enticing aromas, you hear how glasses clink, tools clang, fingers are breaking crispy bun…Then another sense joins in – the taste, ensuring great pleasure. Such which can be ensured only by indulging in a great food, good wine, pleasant company, elation. This is the real celebration. Always delighted by the fact that, that celebration was organized by us… “

                                                       Irena Cereskiene
                                                       General Manager of Company “Taurakalnis”
                                                       Pastry Chef, teacher, author of the book
                                                       “Flour Confectionery”

   “We will make no secret of the fact that we strive to be the best. We are maximalists, so we set high standards for ourselves – to prepare exceptional quality food, to service it aesthetically, to impeccably service celebrations entrusted to us or their guests.“  

                                                        Monika Cereskaite 
                                                        Director of Development of Company